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Dedicated Service Desk

Dedicated Service Desk

A dedicated service desk will provide you with access to a group of engineers dedicated to supporting you and your business needs.

By being dedicated to your support needs alone, they will be able to develop a deep understanding of your IT infrastructure, will become familiar with your environment and business needs and will, in turn, be able to deliver on any particular support requirements that you may have as a business.


You get all of the benefits of your own, in-house service desk, without the cost and hassle of finding, retaining and managing your own resources.

By adopting a dedicated service desk, you will be able to define your own service levels and workflows, or train the team how to support any bespoke applications or hardware.


Dedicated Service Desk Benefits

You enjoy a single point of contact for support that is completely dedicated to your needs.

That ensures that you get the response that you need, when you need it. It also ensures that you have a team of engineers who understand your business, as well as your industry, and who can adapt the levels and approach to your support as appropriate. Your dedicated team will develop a faster troubleshooting and resolution proficiency as they get to know your environment.


Enjoy the predictability of fixed fees, the reduction in management hassle, with the flexibility of having your own team.

Overcome the hassle and cost of finding and retaining suitable engineers, as well as finding cover for sickness and absenteeism, all for a known, fixed fee. All this, while also having the flexibility to adapt the service you receive in a bespoke way.

Enjoy high performing operational service, with increased user and business satisfaction from improved system performance and availability.

With dedicated resources focussed solely on providing you with a reliable and robust technology platform, you will enjoy improved system performance and availability, which will lead to increased user and business satisfaction. Quick, consistent resolutions to your IT problems will become the norm as the team begin to better understand both your issues, as well as the context in which they occur.

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