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Network and Cabling Services

Network and Cabling Services

Your network is the backbone of your infrastructure and contributes to how well your systems perform; it is therefore suprising that this area is often overlooked. To see computer rooms in complete disarray with no cable management or organisation is not uncommon, they are simply neglected, making network faults harder to find.

Not only can E-Tone tidy up your existing cabling, we can offer full site installations or simply add additional network points.

E-Tone provides a full range of data cabling services, including full installation moves, adds and changes as well as critical project deployment. Our expert cabling engineers will design and install data cabling for network switching, servers, routers and wireless equipment. We can also integrate them with CCTV, multimedia signage, building controls and security systems.

E-Tone offerings include:

  • LAN and WAN optimisation and support

  • Cabling and connectivity – CAT5e, CAT6, CAT6a, Fibre

  • Switch deployment and support

  • Wireless deployment and support

  • Communications optimisation and support

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